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About Us

A legacy of superb hand craftsmanship and custom design have helped define Rondel’s Jewelers. Albert Garabet, a well-established and sought after master jeweler, opened the doors of Rondel’s in 1979. Albert, a world traveler, with beginnings in Lebanon and Paris, working directly with elite designer Najib Tabah, made his way to New York City. His keen sense of design and exceeding skill is what set him apart. It was his dedication to excellence and tenacity, along with his wife Raymonda’s unwavering support, which eventually led them to the heart of Los Angeles and the start of a beautiful legacy.

 Now, under the devoted direction the second generation of jewelers, Angela and Liliana, Rondel’s has become the premier source of luxury bridal and fashion jewelry. Angela, a GIA graduate gemologist and Liliana, your diamond specialist with years of experience as an expert diamond manager, each lend their talents to a thriving family business. Their combined expertise in every aspect of fine jewelry, from custom design to advanced gemology, is evident in every brilliant diamond and gleaming engagement ring. Their continued pursuit of quality is why brides love them and it is reflected in every flawlessly cut facet.

 With impeccable taste and a discerning eye for style they have curated an exquisite collection of designer and bridal jewelry. It is not only the great selection, but the personalized service which make Rondel’s Jewelers a gem. Above all, it is Angela and Liliana’s intuitive sense of style and a unique gift for truly understanding the needs of the modern bride which sets these leading ladies apart in the jewelry industry.

An unrelenting passion for perfection also makes them the ideal collaborator. Rondel’s offers the unique opportunity of crafting a singular style, from concept to creation. With a rich heritage of meticulous artistry and a keen grasp of innovative modern design techniques Rondel’s Jewelers will guide you every step of the way, from start to finish, until even the most elaborate pieces are realized.

It is with integrity and generosity that Rondel’s wants to serve every person who walks through their doors; offering tailored service to match each individual bride’s standards and exceed all expectations.

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